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Using Security Tools to Protect Your Home & Business

Home and office security continues to be a top priority for many home and business owners. According to Research and Markets Physical Security report 2012, the security equipment market around the world is estimated at just over $20 billion, with video surveillance products making up nearly half of the entire market at $10 billion.

Burglary is a growing concern in communities, towns and cities across the U.S. There are more news reports of break-ins, technology thievery, and copper heists.

The recession over the last few years has helped to grow frustration among disaffected citizens, who are resorting to criminal activities in order to make ends meet. And rural and suburban communities are seeing similar circumstances, this has led to a growth in burglary and property crimes. Even in the recent aftermath of Hurricane Sandy came reports of Brooklyn and New Jersey businesses being looted due to downed or inoperative surveillance systems.

These desperate measures by robbers and thieves are forcing more business and home owners to tighten up security systems. Business security has always been an important part of a company’s business. From sound alarms at retail door opening areas to security cameras at cash register areas, security systems have been standard operating procedures for many years now.

With more costly technology equipment being installed within business, retail or office environments, there’s a lot more at stake when it comes to securing these assets. For small businesses, not only is there the anticipated risk of intrusion onto your property, but also thievery from within. It’s estimated that almost 70 percent of small business losses happen as a result of violations through employee and customer theft.

This is why video cameras can be a great help to businesses. Not only do camera systems alert management to physical theft, but monitoring high risk work areas can also help with proving evidence of wrongdoing or injury activity with claims of workers’ compensation. While cameras cannot cover every inch of a worker’s space, they do a good job of monitoring a wide swath of the workplace and can help with fraudulent claims occurring in the areas that aren’t monitored by video cameras.

Likewise, more homeowners in cities and towns are seeing increased rates of break-ins at their home front. Thieves are aware of the explosive growth in home collections of expensive and desired digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, flat panel monitors, home PCs and other electronic gear. Even out of the home, modern-day electronic street thievery is on the rise. USA Today reports thefts of smartphones are rising and costing consumers millions of dollars.

So how does one create a sense of security in the wake of increased robberies? Home security is still very much an industry that offers local services to local communities. More than 95 percent of security companies for home security options work within local communities. But this industry is rife with wildly differing prices, high costs for monitoring and inconvenient installations for homeowners.

One company bucking the local security company trend with home security reviews is a national firm LifeShield security systems, which offers wirelessly connected security solutions for home customers. Among the innovations, the company offers include a glass break sensor that lets homeowners notice a break-in via sliding glass doors, or a wireless home security camera for homeowners to monitor various rooms through their web enabled device.

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