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LifeShield Introduces Remote Access Security via iPhone, Blackberry and Android

Yardley, PA — LifeShield Security™, a national leader and innovator in wireless home security and monitoring, is pleased to announce a free virtual smartphone application to provide real-time remote control and on-the-go monitoring of any home or small business with a LifeShield system. It is designed to work in conjunction with the LifeShield system to put control of your entire security system literally in the palm of your hand wherever you are. The application is available for download from LifeShield.com and is compatible with any Blackberry, iPhone or Droidsmartphone.

The LifeShield smartphone application provides instant home security monitoring regardless of your location. It offers complete control of LifeShield’s state-of-the-art wireless system by providing remote access from anywhere in the world, allowing instant monitoring and notification for burglary, fire and water alerts, even snap and view pictures from cameras in your home.

“Perhaps the biggest advantage of the smartphone application is its unparalleled ability to take complete advantage of the full capabilities oft he LifeShield wireless security system,” notes Mike Hagan, CEO, LifeShield Security. “For instance, you could let a pet sitter into the house while you sit on a beach half way across the world, get notification while at work that your children have arrived home from school, or monitor the nanny via your in-home wireless security cameras.”

“Smartphone applications are one of the fastest growing tools in the technology sector, however, until the advent of wireless systems, home security companies could not offer this revolutionary platform to customers,” said Louis Stilp, Chief Operating Officer and Founder, LifeShield Security. “The introduction of LifeShield’s smartphone application is another example of how LifeShield continues to pioneer home protection to ensure our security systems are impenetrable and easy to use at the same time.”

LifeShield is committed to offering the very best and most intelligent form of home security monitoring available. The LifeShield smartphone application expands the realm of protection within the home by providing you with constant updates. It allows users to experience all of the benefits of the LifeShield security system including arming or disarming your system at any time, reviewing records of home activity and round-the-clock video surveillance.

For a free demonstration of the LifeShield smartphone application please visit http://appshopper.com/lifestyle/lifeshield. LifeShield supports cutting edge technology while maintaining affordability. LifeShield has a universal design to accommodate all different types of families, homeowners and renters – making safety affordable and accessible. For a limited time, new customers can enjoy a 30-day risk-free trial and Pay-As-You-Go pricing with no annual contract. For more information, visit www.lifeshield.com, or contact 1-866-222-8580.

About LifeShield Security™
LifeShield Security™ is the first national, professional grade and professionally monitored wireless security system that uses an easy to set-up “plug and protect” process, providing superior home protection and the best value in total home security. For more on LifeShield Security, visit www.lifeshield.com.