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True Fire Protection

Fire Safety

Studies show that professional monitoring services for fire emergencies save lives, save money, and reduce the amount of damage to your home. Battery-operated smoke detectors are inexpensive and useful if you are at home, but won’t call for help if a fire breaks out when you are away.It’s expensive and invasive to add hardwired smoke detectors to your home, and other companies charge expensive additional fees for fire monitoring.

So how can you get monitored fire protection on without the hassle or the expense?


Full Home Coverage Without the Cost

When your home, pets and people you love are at risk, every second counts. LifeShield owns proprietary technology for a unique fire protection product, the Fire Safety Sensor. No other alarm company offers this type of comprehensive fire protection with equipment included and no extra fees for fire monitoring! We make it easy and affordable to protect your home. Your home must have professional fire monitoring for protection when you are at work, asleep, or on vacation. Keep your investments safe 24/7/365 with affordable burglary and fire monitoring.


Fire Safety Sensor: How It Works

Fire Safety SensorThe wireless Fire Safety Sensor works with your existing smoke detectors by “listening” for an alarm. When there is smoke or a fire in your home, and the alarm sounds, the Fire Safety Sensor immediately sends a signal for help to the central monitoring station.

The patented Fire Safety Sensor works seamlessly with your LifeShield wireless home alarm system. Professional fire monitoring is always included for free when you get a security system with a Fire Safety Sensor. The sensor even works with carbon monoxide detectors. You can add extra sensors for each floor of your home at any time, for less than $50 each.


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