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LifeShield Home Security provides advanced wireless security technology that’s packed with great features and is easy for anyone to use. And what’s best of all – it won’t break your wallet! Many home security companies offer a great low price upfront, but can rack up a hefty bill for additional equipment and monthly security monitoring that you need to protect your home and family. At LifeShield, we believe in providing our customers with the protection they deserve. When you combine the value LifeShield offers with the advanced wireless security features, you can rest assured you’re getting the best home security deal.

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Virtually Undefeatable Equipment

LifeShield security systems are fully redundant, relaying messages between connected system components. If a burglar disconnects the Console or Base, another component picks up the signal and gets you lightning fast response from the monitoring center.

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Superior Service

Reaching beyond traditional burglary alarm monitoring, LifeShield covers Burglary, Medical, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide for one low monthly fee. We offer a full suite of FREE interactive monitoring features with every security system including remote access, mobile apps, and much more! You also get up to 4 layers of backup protection from LifeShield – use phone, Internet, and/or Cellular as backup layers (in addition to battery backup) in the event your primary connection goes down.

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Additional Options

While some security companies only offer one primary connection option, we give you a choice between Internet or Cellular as your primary connection to the monitoring center based on your specific needs. Plus, you can choose the best installation option for your lifestyle. Set up your LifeShield system in less than an hour, or schedule an appointment with one of our installation experts at your convenience.

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Need help finding the security system that’s right for you? Click here to get an instant security recommendation online! or call 877-987-4435 to speak with a Security Advisor and start protecting your home with LifeShield today!

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