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Response speed is critical during a burglary or home invasion. LifeShield security systems offer the fastest monitoring response time in the industry, using broadband Internet to send the signal to the monitoring center during an emergency. The faster the signal, the sooner the police, fire department, or EMS will be on their way. Our security systems allow for multiple layers of communication, providing the best security monitoring available today.

LifeShield wireless home security systems also have backup protection built right in because we know burglars can disable security systems by smashing the keypad. LifeShield systems have built-in redundancy, so the base can still sound a 100db alarm and send an instant signal to the monitoring station even if the keypad is destroyed. If you compare home security systems you’ll see, no other company offers this level of protection. Burglars hate LifeShield for the same reasons our customers love us!

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Monthly Monitoring Plans – 60 Month Agreement
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Burglary / Theft Burglary / Theft Burglary / Theft
Medical Medical Medical
Environmental (Heat, Cold, Flood) Environmental (Heat, Cold, Flood) Environmental (Heat, Cold, Flood)
Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide
  Fire Monitoring Fire Monitoring
  FREE Security Touchpad!*
Security Touchpad*
FREE Security Touchpad!*
Security Touchpad*
    ADVANCED Video Monitoring*
All plans include bonus security features
LifeShield App and Web Access LifeShield App and Web Access LifeShield App and Web Access
Local Crime Maps Local Crime Maps Local Crime Maps
Email and Text Alerts Email and Text Alerts Email and Text Alerts
Event History Event History Event History
Cellular Gateway Option Cellular Gateway Option Cellular Gateway Option
Customizable Notifications Customizable Notifications Customizable Notifications
*Basic wireless video camera monitoring includes live video feed, snapshots, and video recording when the alarm is triggered. Advanced wireless video monitoring adds the ability to set up multiple customized triggers to take photos and record video (for example, when your front door opens, or when a motion sensor is triggered). You’ll also get extra storage to save your videos and snapshots until you are ready to view them.


All of the LifeShield monitoring packages come standard with professional emergency monitoring and FREE LifeShield interactive remote access. Through LifeShield apps and the website, you can arm, disarm, create user codes, view history, even personalize alerts and notifications for both emergency and non-emergency events, and so much more. This means you are always protected from intrusion, burglary, carbon monoxide, environmental, and life safety emergencies.

Why Choose LifeShield?

LifeShield’s home alarm systems can deter criminals and alert the central monitoring station within seconds. Your local police or fire department will be called immediately in case of an emergency. You’ll have around-the-clock protection no matter what happens. With LifeShield you can sleep soundly every night, confident that your home, family and pets are safe.

Older, hardwired systems that use a phone line are slow, wasting valuable seconds, sometimes minutes, to transmit the signal. LifeShield broadband security systems instantly send the signal and get you the help you need with fast, REAL home security protection.

Don’t you and your family deserve to be protected by the fastest response time in the industry?