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Best Pricing

When you call the other security companies, they will likely claim to offer the lowest price, but they won’t tell you that price over the phone. They will offer you specials and discounts so they can send a salesperson into your home. Once there, they may try to sell you equipment and services you don’t need, and you won’t be able to comparison shop and do your research. So how so you know if you are really getting a good deal?

With LifeShield Home Security, you get tons of great home security features without the extra fees. LifeShield offers simple home security pricing that you can count on. Just look at all the features you get with LifeShield compared to ADT. When you combine all of these great features with LifeShield’s low upfront cost and monthly monitoring fee, the result is a deal that stands up to the claim “best value and best protection in home security”.

But don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead – shop around and see for yourself. Then, give us a call. The value and safety benefits that LifeShield offers simply can’t be beat at these prices.