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LifeShield Home Security Licensing

LifeShield services are provided under one or more of the following licenses. Please check regularly for updated license information, as licensing requirements vary from time to time, and state to state. 



AL: 2015/16-1710; AR: REP-0004583 Regulated by: Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies # 1 State Police Plaza Drive Little Rock, Arkansas 72209 501-618-8600; AZ: 288644, 18356-0; CA: ACO 7450 Licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, CA: 978162 Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento; CT: HIC.0640931; DE: FAC-0323; FL: EF20000489; GA: LVA 205465; IA: AC-282; KS: CER 2014-9961; Baltimore, MD: RV9613; Frederick County, MD: ER371; ME: LM50017505; MI: Regis. 8002000018; City of St. Louis, MO: CC-343; Jefferson County, MO: E-495; MN: TS662473; MT: 164080; NC: 29527-SP-FA/LV; NE: 37318; NJ: BF000523; NM: 375987; NV: 0077709; NY: 12000316674, licensed by the N.Y.S. Dept. of State; OH: 53.89.4052; OK: 425446, 1396 (Burg/Fire/CCTV/Access Control/HVAC); OR: 198440; PA: HIC.PA115767; SC: BAC.13674, FAC.13646; TX: B19124, ACR-1907838; UT: 9170930-6501; WV: WV 051362; WY: LV-T-11



AZ: 18356-0; CA: ACO 6556; DE: 07-220; FL: EF20001251; GA: LVA205828; IL: 127.001599; MD 107-1421; MN: TS679721; NJ: BX000069; NC BPN OO7788P7, 27567-SP-FA/LV, 2000-CSA; NY: 12000058302; OK: 1563; PA: HIC.PA115798; SC: BAC.13566; TN: 00001723; TX: B18675; UT: 6672683-6501; VA: 11-5293