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Russell, Tracy and Zoey

Russell Tracy ZoeyOur daughter Zoey, who is now 2 years old, had a rough time during my wife’s pregnancy. At our house in Ohio, my wife was staying there full time due to a high risk doctor that she was a patient of. I was Active Duty Army stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Our Ohio house is in a quiet neighborhood with good neighbors. That still does not deter criminals. While my wife was 9 months pregnant and me not being home, she was woken in the early morning hours by a noise. As she peered out of the bedroom window to understand what woke her, she noticed a male attempting to break into our shed.

Frantic, she tapped on the window to get his attention. As he looked up at her, she pointed at him in disgust. He fled the scene as my wife called the police about the incident. As the police were interviewing my wife, they got a call about another break in a few blocks away. My wife and I come to find out the burglar was finally arrested after leading the police on a high speed pursuit resulting in a crash. The police reported the man possessed a firearm and having broke into multiple homeowners’ garages. The criminal had over $1,500 worth of stolen goods in his vehicle at the time of arrest. The resolution of the court case landed the man only 3 1/2 years in jail.  

We are currently in the process of moving to the Pittsburgh area. Crime is touchy, no matter where one moves to in America. My wife and I are very pleased with how LifeShield operates along with the modern equipment they demand. Having a LifeShield security system in our new house would be an honor and we would proudly display the fact. We want the best for our impressionable daughter and settling for less is blasphemy. 

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