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Ian and Ashley

Ashley and Ian

I would like to nominate my granddaughter and her husband who was wounded in Afghanistan in June 2011 serving his country in the Army. He was injured by a roadside bomb and lost both of his legs, shattered pelvis, and injured his arm that will have limited movement the rest of his life.  They were engaged at the time and my granddaughter received the message that he was injured by his father.   My now grandson in law was flown back to the states and is now living temporarily in San Antonio, Texas while he is in rehab learning to walk again on artificial legs.  My granddaughter immediately went to his side and in October 2011 they were married in a small ceremony at the Brooke Medical Center in Texas.  She put her nursing education on hold to be by his side.

They have both been such an inspiration to our family; they are learning and accepting their new life and the challenges that face them in the future. Ian, my grandson in law is proud that he served his country, as we are. He is accepting what has happened to him with great courage and conviction that he will walk again alongside my granddaughter when they have their formal wedding where the entire family can attend.  My granddaughter is continuing her nursing education and plans to become a nurse and she is a wonderful caregiver to her wounded warrior.  This family is so very proud of them being so young (he is 22 and she just turned 21) but they plan to move on with their plans for life and family and will not let this tragedy affect their lives.

They have both been an inspiration to our entire family. I am a Life Shield customer and would love to have them feel protected and have the peace of mind that my LifeShield monitoring gives me.

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