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Advanced Home Security, Reliable Home Safety

LifeShield Home Security is breaking the mold of typical home security with all new wireless security technology. LifeShield is considered by some as the “Pioneer” of wireless home security by creating the first all-digital wireless home security system.  You can find out more about LifeShield technology at its technology site – LifeShield Technologies.  In the past, if you wanted to keep your home safe, you would call your local home alarm company to install basic protection that could cost you thousands of dollars. Most other options were beyond the reach of homeowners. No longer!  LifeShield was founded on one simple premise: to keep your home and family safe with the latest in wireless home security technology and at a reasonable price.

Now you can get a wireless home security alarm without breaking the bank!

LifeShield offers reasonably-priced home security systems that take advantage of the latest in technology—systems that are easy to setup and virtually impossible for burglars or home intruders to defeat. LifeShield is headquartered in Langhorne, PA and run by a dedicated, talented staff motivated by that commitment to excellence, innovation and customer service.

LifeShield offers a truly wireless security system with features you won’t find anywhere else on the market. In fact, LifeShield was one of the first home security companies to provide interactive home security features with full remote access from anywhere, anytime. Now with Internet or mobile apps, LifeShield offers one of the most advanced interactive security applications available, with no additional monthly service fee.

Thanks to LifeShield’s advanced security systems and monitoring expertise, the company is able to have both a broad national footprint with clients in all 50 states as well as a powerful local presence. Partnered with a security monitoring service that has protected millions of homes over the past 50 years, LifeShield offers one of the few monitoring services ever awarded a Five Diamond Certification by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). We offer state-of-the-art equipment and services at unbeatable prices for home security, rental security, and small business security, as well as security for seniors, security for singles, and even security for college students.

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