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Free Installation

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Save on Homeowners Insurance

Protect your home and family and get the ultimate peace of mind.

Only LifeShield from DIRECTV offers what other companies can’t - the fastest response time in the industry paired with unbeatable reliability.

When seconds count, the clear choice is LifeShield. Help gets to you when you need it most.

LifeShield has one of the fastest response times in the industry because our security base is connected to the monitoring station with broadband internet. Typical security systems use only a phone line or cellular signals to connect with the monitoring center. With LifeShield, when an alarm is triggered, the monitoring center is notified within milliseconds – saving you valuable time so that help gets to you faster.

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That’s more protection than other security companies can provide.

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LifeShield gives you the most reliable, most advanced, and most indestructible home monitoring technology available—so no matter what happens, your home and family are always protected.

Find out why LifeShield is safer:

Three Layers of Backup Protection

With LifeShield, emergency signals are sent via Internet, with cellular and traditional landline phone as backup. Batteries back-up all home security equipment, so even if the Internet goes down, power goes out, or phone lines are cut, your home is always protected.

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Smash & Crash Protection

Did you know intruders could defeat a traditional security system in seconds by smashing your keypad? LifeShield’s Unique Smash & Crash protection keeps your system connected and armed even if intruders disable, compromise, or destroy your keypad.

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Now you can watch your kids get home from school, check-in on your pets, see who is at your front door, or catch would-be criminals from anywhere in the world on any mobile device. With LifeShield, you can view live or recorded video no matter where you are, so you can see your loved ones are always safe.

At Home

Take control in your home with LifeShield’s Security Touchpad. This Android device works anywhere in your home, offering you convenience to access your home security system whether you’re relaxing on the couch, or working in the backyard.

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At Work

LifeShield’s superior video security lets you see what is happening in your home when you’re away, with web access. So you can rest assured your loved ones, your home and your most valued possessions are always safe, no matter where you are.

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On The Go

Arm, disarm, and monitor your home from anywhere, with FREE security apps and web access from LifeShield. You’ll always know that your home is safe, because you can see it from anywhere.

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Help arrives whether you are home or not

Our patented wireless Fire Safety Sensor works with your existing smoke detectors by "listening" for an alarm. When there is smoke or a fire in your home, and the alarm sounds, the Fire Safety Sensor immediately sends a signal for help to the central monitoring station. Free professional fire monitoring is included with all home security packages that feature the Fire Safety Sensor.

No other alarm company offers this type of comprehensive fire protection with no fee for the equipment and no fee for fire monitoring!